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Schiumatoio Somatic S60

Schiumatoio Somatic S60
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Marca: Vertex
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Vertex Somatic S60 Schiumatoio interno fino a 300lt


  • 40-120 Gallons Filtration Capacity (high bio-load)
  • Solid cast acrylic and PVC construction
  • Space-Saver design with the pump in the skimmer body
  • True Full body wine-glass reaction chamber
  • Custom, Sicce based high performance Italian pump
  • Easy removal collection cup
  • Skimmate drain port pre-installed
  • Laser engraved riser pipe for precise tuning
  • Built in air intake silencer
  • Easy to disassemble and clean Venturi
  • Rubber dampeners for noise reduction
  • CNC Machined Base plate – Increases reaction chamber Volume
  • All parts can be disassembled for ease of maintenance
  • Designed in Germany

  Technical Data:

  • Grade II Titanium Screws / Corrosion Resistant
  • Silicone O-Rings
  • Silicone Air-Tube
  • Pump: 120V, 60Hz – ~ 23W
  • Air Draw: 400 to 600 LPH
  • Dimensions: ~ 9” * 9” * 22.5” (Width, Length, Height)
  • Recommended Sump Water level: 7” to 8.5” (Highly affected by Bio-Load levels)
  • Cord Length: 6’




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