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BioTec Premium 80000

BioTec Premium 80000
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  • The automatic coarse debris extraction easily flushes the contamination out of the filter, thanks to drum filter technology
  • Conveniently control all settings via app, through connection possibilities on the Easy Garden Control System (EGC), upgrading existing systems is possible with the upgrade kit - available separately.
  • Long service life and high quality filter sponges offer the best conditions for the filter biology
  • The filter is flushed only by cleaned pond water. Therefore a fresh water connection is not required.
  • Powerful, high-quality pressure pump is integrated for flushing the drum
  • Particularly quiet in operation thanks to extensive noise insulation
  • Individually removable sieve elements (no tools required) and free-wheeling functions for easy access to the drum interior
  • Pollutant rakes on the sieves for reliable removal of string algae and other larger particles from the drum
  • Less string algae through continuous removal of phosphates and nutrients
  • Pollutant discharge incl. slide valve
  • Innovative and reliable product «made in Germany» (except pressure pump)
  • Incl. OASE Clear Water Guarantee

Clever drum filter technology

The innovative and self-cleaning preliminary separator reliably separates solid and liquid particles to 125 micron. It separates without additional cleaning effort.

Clever drum filter technology

The innovative and self-cleaning preliminary separator reliably separates solid and liquid particles to 125 micron. And it separates without additional cleaning effort.

Intelligent switch centre

A watertight microcontroller system monitors and controls the main functions, operation is easy (plug & play).

Hard-working filter biology

In the integrated filter foams, micro-organisms can do their work perfectly and decompose harmful nutrients. The long service intervals due to the preliminary separation function are optimal for this purpose. Including convenient cleaning - you do not have to get your hands dirty.

Technical data

Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 830 x 675 x 820
Rated voltage   230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption W 5
Power consumption cleaning W 670
Cable length m 5.00 + 1.00
Net weight kg 71.50
Guarantee (+ extended guarantee on request) Years 2 + 1
Control unit   Microcontroller
Temperature display   Digital
Coarse debris extraction µm 125
Number of nozzles / cleaning flow rate   1 x 4.0 l/min
Scavenging pump   4 bar
Automatic self cleaning   manually, Sensor, Time interval
Material   GRP Duroplast/stainless steel
Number of blue filter foams EA 2
Number of red filter foams EA 2
Number of purple filter foams EA 2
Number of inlets EA 1
Connection inlet   1 x 2" + Bitron
Connection EGC   Yes
Connection to   Bitron C 36 - 110 W, Bitron Eco 120 - 240 W, ProfiClear Classic
Number of outlets EA 1
Connections, outlet   DN 110
Connections, sludge discharge   DN 75
Connection mud drain   DN 110
Min. flow rate l/h 7500
Max. flow rate l/h 12500
Suitable for ponds up to max. 80.0
Suitable for ponds with fish stock 40.0
Installation height above water level cm 51.0
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